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Anique Drouin Family Law Attorney in Batavia Illinois

Anique knows divorce is not anyone’s dream, but she will tell you that it does not have to be a nightmare. Drouin Family Law focuses on helping families through the divorce transition without drama. Using dispute resolution methods including Collaborative Process and mediation, Anique helps couples set their differences aside and focus on their goals and interests to create a tailored resolution that works for the whole family.

Anique Drouin Family Law Attorney in Batavia Illinois

About Drouin Family Law

Drouin Family Law is a woman-owned and operated law firm that provides services for those who want a divorce without drama. Drouin Family Law works for solutions that are clear, custom-tailored, and protective of your children and your future financial stability. We focus on Mediation and Collaborative Practice but we will also provide consultation services and document preparation for uncontested divorces, litigation support, and Guardian ad Litem representation.


Drouin Family Law Collaborative Divorce experts

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse desire a simplified divorce, and know the terms you both agree to follow, but you want to avoid the hassle and time involved in preparing the necessary paperwork and navigating court processes, Anique can assist you with your uncontested divorce.

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Drouin Family Law, Collaborative Divorce experts

Collaborative Divorce

Imagine a divorce with a team of supportive professionals that guide you and your spouse to a mutually beneficial agreement that maintains your family’s privacy and your children’s best interests at heart.

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Divorce Mediation


Mediation allows tough conversations to happen under the guidance and experience of a neutral third party. You and your spouse are in control of the decision-making, but Anique helps identify what needs to be discussed, streamlines the divorce process, and generates options for practical solutions for your family.

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{Anique helped me with multiple post-decree issues and each time proved to be thorough, competent and focused on the needs of my children. She was approachable and solution-oriented. I highly recommend Anique and will certainly call her again should the need arise.{
{Anique was recommended by our corporate attorney. I wanted a divorce attorney who was willing to listen to me and what my goals were and not just run up billable hours. She did an outstanding job! I would highly recommend Anique for anyone that needs a divorce attorney.{
{Anique provided more than just legal expertise - her supportive and caring demeanor helped get me through a very difficult process. She carefully explained the law and my options regarding each aspect of divorce. Anique is a high quality lawyer who is honest, realistic, and responsive. I am confident that we reached the best possible outcome together due to her hard work and diligence. I definitely recommend Anique.{

Simply making that first call to an attorney to talk about a potential divorce can feel paralyzing, but when you talk with Anique, you will know immediately that you are talking to someone who has your best interests in mind, listens to your goals, and will get to work on helping you achieve them.