Mediation allows tough conversations to happen under the guidance and experience of a neutral third party. You and your spouse are in control of the decision-making, but Anique, serving as a mediator, helps identify what needs to be discussed, streamlines the divorce process, and generates options for practical solutions for your family. You will avoid unnecessary litigation and delays in finalizing your divorce when you keep the process focused with an experienced mediation professional like Anique. 

There are distinct differences between mediation and collaborative divorce, but they both are options that focus on creative solutions and keeping the clients in control of their divorce terms. Mediation can be attorney-assisted or with just two parties participating. Anique can mediate for both court-ordered mediation as well as private mediation when the parties want to settle terms and agreements prior to filing the first legal papers in court. 

Mediation can also be used to determine terms for trial separations, pre-nuptial agreements, post-marriage agreements, and other family law situations like post-divorce financial modifications of support or child-related issues.

Once the mediation process is complete, and settlement terms are agreed upon, the mediator will provide you with a clear written summary that will serve as the basis for terms in the legal documents that must be submitted to the court. If you have your own attorney, you can provide them with the mediator’s summary so they can prepare the necessary petitions, settlement agreements, and judgments to submit to the court.

Talking with Anique can help you determine if mediation or another process option is best for you and your spouse. She can provide you with a description of her process for mediation and how it might work for your case.

{Anique served as the mediator in our divorce. She was 100% professional and a great communicator throughout the process. At times we thought we had covered all the bases ourselves, and she let us know that there was more to consider and helped us navigate the entire process. We are very grateful to have worked with her and happy that she was able to accommodate times to meet during our very busy work schedules. I would recommend Anique to anyone who is going through a divorce to help make the process less confusing and more straightforward.{

Simply making that first call to an attorney to talk about a potential divorce can feel paralyzing, but when you talk with Anique, you will know immediately that you are talking to someone who has your best interests in mind, listens to your goals, and will get to work on helping you achieve them.