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Anique Drouin Family Law Attorney Batavia

Years ago, before I went to law school, I was a middle school English teacher. In a classroom of rambunctious (there were 36 of them to 1 of me), quick-witted (“what are you wearing today, Miss Teacher?”), and occasionally moody adolescents, I learned many skills that still serve me today. I learned to think on my feet in unexpected situations. I learned to admit when I did not know something and how to demonstrate the way to find the answer. Above everything else, I learned that understanding the needs and interests behind a person’s goals and getting the right scaffolding in place to address those needs and interests, is the best way to help achieve their goals.  

Telling people I am a divorce attorney at parties occasionally dampens the mood or creates an awkward moment. The word divorce typically conjures thoughts of Marriage Story and ugly fighting in court while attorneys drain the family’s finances. You may know someone who has endured that horrific divorce. I am here to tell you it does not have to be that way.  

I form relationships with my clients based on compassion and focusing on their goals for the future.

Mediation and Collaborative Process are formidable tools to reduce the angst that often comes with divorce.  Once we choose a process option that best fits the client’s needs, I work tirelessly to achieve their goals with integrity and sincerity, but always with a dose of reality. I have strong ties with myriad professionals who can ease the pain from the changes divorce brings for the whole family. These professionals include certified divorce financial analysts, therapists who specialize in helping children through the divorce transition, experts in real estate, co-parenting coaches and more.   

As a partner at a boutique family law firm, and litigating for 15 years, I know a trial should be the last resort. When a judge, who cannot fully know your family, must determine your future at a trial, you will be hard pressed to celebrate the results—even if you “win.” There is such a thing as a “good divorce”, and it can be done in a way that preserves the co-parenting relationship. You do not want your children to suffer when navigating both parents attending future events.  Out of court resolution options will work for most people: families with or without children, brief or long-term marriages, families with complex assets, business owners, public servants, stay at home parents, and anyone looking to shield their children from the effects of a divorce and preserve their assets for their future. 

When I am not providing legal counsel, I spend time with my family, daydream about where I would like to travel, and make a mess in the kitchen. 

Anique Drouin Family Law Attorney Batavia

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♦ Leading Lawyer 2022 ♦ Leading Lawyer 2021 ♦ Leading Lawyer 2019 ♦ Leading Lawyer 2018 ♦ Leading Lawyer 2017  ♦ Avvo Rating of 10/10  ♦ DuPage County ProBono Service Award 2021 ♦ American Bar Association ♦ Illinois State Bar Association ♦ DuPage County Bar Association  ♦ Kane County Bar Association  ♦ Collaborative Divorce Illinois Fellow and Board Member  ♦ DuPage County Child Advocacy Chair ♦ DuPage County Family Law Committee ♦ DuPage County Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

{It is my privilege to recommend Anique Drouin, an excellent divorce attorney who has an amazing set of legal skills as well as delicate human compassion for clients who are going through a very difficult time. Anique is extremely compassionate with her clients, yet firm in negotiations. Through her insightful and institutional knowledge, Anique Drouin was able to calm my nerves and reassure me in every step of the divorce proceeding process. Anique was able to help me maneuver through the ambiguity with ease while having my best interest in the forefront of each divorce encounter. She has fantastic judgment and terrific communication skills and made sure that my best interests were always represented within the court system. At the end of the day, I completely trusted her guidance and great counsel. I highly recommend Anique Drouin in any family law representation you may need.{

About Drouin Family Law

Anique Drouin formed Drouin Family Law to focus on the process options that do not rely on the win/lose dichotomy played out in court. She has seen how that can result in the courthouse having a revolving door leading back into litigation. Drouin Family Law is a woman-owned and operated law firm that provides services for clients who want a divorce without drama. Drouin Family Law works for solutions that are clear, custom-tailored, and protective of your children and your future financial stability. Drouin Family Law specializes in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce but we will also provide consultation services and document preparation for uncontested divorces, litigation support, and Guardian ad Litem representation. This firm is for the family seeking an efficient and empathetic transition. Out-of-court resolution is more dignified, private, timely, and cost-efficient, but you do need an attorney who knows the law, and the ins and outs of the court system to get you moving to the other side of divorce.

Contact Drouin Family Law and take the first step toward the next chapter of your life.

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{Anique helped me with multiple post-decree issues and each time proved to be thorough, competent and focused on the needs of my children. She was approachable and solution-oriented. I highly recommend Anique and will certainly call her again should the need arise.{
{Anique provided more than just legal expertise - her supportive and caring demeanor helped get me through a very difficult process. She carefully explained the law and my options regarding each aspect of divorce. Anique is a high quality lawyer who is honest, realistic, and responsive. I am confident that we reached the best possible outcome together due to her hard work and diligence. I definitely recommend Anique.{
{Anique was recommended by our corporate attorney. I wanted a divorce attorney who was willing to listen to me and what my goals were and not just run up billable hours. She did an outstanding job! I would highly recommend Anique for anyone that needs a divorce attorney.{

Simply making that first call to an attorney to talk about a potential divorce can feel paralyzing, but when you talk with Anique, you will know immediately that you are talking to someone who has your best interests in mind, listens to your goals, and will get to work on helping you achieve them.